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Awakening As One - Part 1 - The Call

Blockhead - The Music Scene

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Graffiti Analysis: 3D from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

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Sub-conscious Liberation of Love (Delta ) binaural beats & Solfeggio

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I have suffered from sleep paralysis for 15 or more years. always upon falling asleep, never upon waking. there's a great article called "The Ominous Numinous: Sensed Presence and 'Other' Hallucinations" by J.Allan Cheyne. Here's the link to the PDF file

For years it was horrible, the twisting and shouting and all that escapes the lips is a low moan, the struggle to get that one pinky finger moving, and the painful wrenching of pulling physical movement and feeling back into body. just to slip into its clutches over and over.

I've researched this place, weird black and white realm of strange entities, sometimes visual, the auditory whirling sound that feels like your standing next to a plane firing up in a very tight space and lets not forget the crushing feeling of flipping backwards into space.

then a couple years ago i was researching OBE's and heard mention of people trying to bring on the sleep paralysis state. So the next time i fell into the paralysis (if your mind is awake, then you know when its coming) i seized control, making sure i was flat on my back, and i willed my consciousness out of my body. First i made it an inch, and fell back down, but i kept trying, and each time i got a bit further out of my body until i eventually hit the roof, and of course fell down into body. i eventually "broke thru" the roof where i was able to soar above my building looking down into the other apartments as if the roofs and walls were invisible. It was amazing.

From the research I learned the easiest way to bring on the sleep paralysis state. Upon laying down for bed, get yourself really comfortable, lay face up, arms and legs spread apart nicely. as you are drifting off to sleep your mind will send signals for your body to shift, to slightly reposition itself in some way. Usually when our mind is awake the body will respond immediately. when the signal is ignored the mind figures that we are asleep and kicks into the REM stage where all motor functions are suspended, hence the sleep paralysis state. So all one needs to do is ignore the signal, when you feel like moving, shifting or repositioning just IGNORE it, stay completely still and the effect is immediate. The audio humming will come as well as the vibration of separation from the physical realm. It is all exploration after that point. It may take a bit of practice and taking control as soon as it begins is best or else one can get sidetracked by the things of this in-between realm.

I think that this realm and its entities are part of the DMT hyperspace. Since our pineal gland does produce a small quantity of DMT during REM. I did find another post on the nexus about this

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Solfeggio Harmonics - 528 HZ - Miracle

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Hilight Tribe - Indian Trance

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Going West

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D.M.T. - The Spirit Molecule

1200 Mics - DMT

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Dr. Steel PSA: "Imagination"

Tool - Third Eye (Full Version HD)

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Paul Laffoley's Odyssey

Xeno Kraka VII – Martin Stebbing

Xeno Kraka VII from Martin Stebbing on Vimeo.

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Demo: Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere | Video on

Demo: Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere | Video on

Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds | Video on

Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds | Video on

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Enginery from Eric Prevost on Vimeo.

Cube of the Machine Elves

Thanks to Greg G @ The Daily Grail for the Eye Candy

Mandelbox Zoom from hömpörgő on Vimeo.

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Do You Want To Dream Different?

This mind teasing structure that you are viewing in pictures below was designed and developed by organic architect Javier Senosiain.

Javier Senosiain is a Mexican architect who has a peculiar taste to create numerous marvels in different patterns. This particular shell house aptly named “Nautilus House” was given shape in 2006 at a place called Naucalpan in Mexico. Being an exceptional one directly from the imagination of its architect, it naturally had to undergo enough changes testing the patience of its builder. The concept “Organic” can be well experienced from the way one feels being amidst the nature. The way the structure and the interiors have been designed is nothing but teasing the ever hungry urban population confined to concrete jungles. Do you wantto be the one, dreaming different? want-to-dream-different/11/09/2009

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Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet

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Mandelbox trip

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Apparent Communication with Discarnate Entities Induced by Dimethyltryptamine by Peter Meyer

by Peter Meyer
from PM&E #5

collected by Thomas Lyttle

  1. Tryptamine psychedelics
  2. DMT usage
    1. Shamanic usage
    2. Professional and accademic research
    3. Amateur and extra-mural research
  3. Dosage and duration of effects
  4. Subjective effects of smoking DMT
  5. Personal reports
  6. Levels of experience
  7. Interpretations of the experience
  8. DMT and hyperspace
  9. The "elves"
  10. DMT and the death state
  11. Further research needed
  12. Bibliography

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is the most powerful and fast-acting of the tryptamine class of hallucinogens. After smoking DMT users regularly report fantastic trips to other dimensions and conversations with intelligent alien life forms. Meyer outlines DMT usage, pharmacology, mythology and occult application, including shamanic uses. He also presents fascinating anecdotal material regarding DMT "alien contact." Materials from DMT researchers Terence McKenna, Gracie and Zarkov, and dozens of other correspondences are included, providing clues to deciphering the DMT "hyperspace" state.

...and in search for answers people have feared to place
themselves on the line and to actually wrestle with life and
death out there in those strange, bardo-like dimensions, not
realizing that there is no other way to win true knowledge...
- - Terence McKenna - - (Psilocybin and the Sands of Time)

Dimethyltryptamine by NiT GriT

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The Psychedelic Transhumanists | h+ Magazine

Transhumanism in a fortune cookie: the familiar human world is just one point along a continuum of evolution, and we have an unprecedented capacity to participate in that process. And yet, the future being as slippery as it is, there are as many visions for how this might occur as there are visionaries to guess at it. Computer scientists tend to have one transhumanism; genetic engineers, another. However, coherent themes emerge for those who have taken it upon themselves to make a sweeping survey of human inquiry, integrating a keen reading of the vectors of our technology with postmodern insight into the nature of mind.

Some of these thinkers have been catalyzed by the psychedelic experience — in a way, the most informative window into a world beyond the human that we have yet discovered. They understand the message of psychedelics and the message of technology to converge on the horizon of a deeper reading of reality that recognizes mind and matter as dimensions of the same truth — a truth for which language has ill-prepared us.

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1923 aka Heaven (by Max Hattler)

1923 aka Heaven (by Max Hattler) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.

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Luke Brown is a visionary. He is one of my biggest influences. Such a talented individual. For more of his work please visit Spectral Eyes at

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Changa: The Evolution of Ayahuasca

By Chen Cho Dorge

It has been over 53 years since Ayahuasca's introduction to western entheogen enthusiasts, and in that time Ayahuasca has evolved. What began as a synergistic plant combo among specific cultures of the Amazon rain forest has evolved and become something new. The sacred medicine that has historically provided incredible transformations in those who drink it, has itself transformed. It has become Changa.

It has been well over 53 years since Ayahuasca's (also known as cipó, caapi, hoasca, vegetal, daime, oni, yajé, natem, mama, Shori, and aya affectionately by westerners) introduction to western entheogen enthusiasts, and in that time Ayahuasca has evolved. What began as a synergistic plant combo known as Ayahuasca among specific cultures of the Amazon rain forest, has evolved to become something never seen before in the history of entheogens. Ayahuasca has transformed and become something new, radically different from what it once was. The sacred medicine that has historically provided incredible transformations in those who drink it
has itself transformed. It has become Changa.

Changa is quite possibly one of the most amazing innovations in the technology of the sacred in our lifetime. The smoking blend is a combination of banisteriopsis caapi leaves (commonly known as the ayahuasca vine) and a natural extract of DMT. Ayahuasca itself is a tea of B. Caapi vine sections boiled down with perhaps other medicinal or psychoactive admixtures and a DMT, or 5meo-DMT-containing admixture plant, often Psychotria Viridis or Chacruna. Since the advent of western exploration of what has been called the ayahuasca effect or the ayahuasca complex, many new botanicals have been utilized and added to make a powerful brew that creates the ayahuasca effect. The ayahuasca effect is simply the inhibition of enzymes in the body that normally degrade ingested DMT, allowing the DMT to pass though the body altering consciousness without being destroyed by the body's enzymes.


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True Hallucinations - Abridged Pt.2

Sunday, March 7, 2010

that date again p2/9

Terrence McKenna and the Time Wave Zero explained

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Joe Rogan talks about DMT

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ms. Christine DMT Rose
by Deuce 7

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