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BLUEBERRY (Ayahausca Trip Clip)

The best visual representation of a hallucinogenic trip. Great Visuals.

From WIKIPEDIA: Blueberry (Blueberry: L'expérience secrète) is a French movie adaptation of the popular Franco-Belgian comic book series Blueberry.

PLOT: U.S Marshal Mike Donovan (Vincent Cassel) (referred to as Broken Nose by the native tribe; unlike in the comic he does not have the nickname Blueberry) has dark memories of the death of his first love. He keeps peace between the Americans and the natives who had temporarily adopted and took care of him. The evil actions of Blount, a "white sorcerer" lead him to confront the villain in the Sacred Mountains, and, through shamanic rituals involving native entheogens, conquer his fears and uncover a suppressed memory he would much rather deny.

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Entheogenic Shamanism Ancient Astronauts History

Saturday, July 18, 2009


FROM WIKIPEDIA: Machine elves (also known as fractal elves, self-transforming machine elves) is a term coined by the ethnobotanist, writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the apparent entities that some people claimed to become aware of after having taken tryptamine based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT.[1] References to such encounters can be found in many cultures ranging from shamanic traditions of Native Americans to indigenous Australians and African tribes, as well as among Western users of these substances.

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Maya Shamanism and 2012: A Psychedelic Cosmology

By: John Major Jenkins

Shamans understand that the human brain “is modeled after the celestial vault and the human mind functions according to the stars, which are the ventricles and sensoria of the cosmic brain ... there exists a close relationship between astronomical observations, cosmological speculations, and drug-induced trance states.”
—Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff (1982:176)

Part 1. Shamanism and Astronomy at Izapa
Observe Stela 6 from an early Maya site in southern Mexico called Izapa. This is a classic depiction of the shamanic journey into the underworld, into the raging maw of unknown dimensions of time and space, within the deep psyche yet buoyed on the undulating waves of the celestial seas.

What’s going on in this 2,000-year-old carving? Prominently, we see a frog or toad with its neck craned back and mouth open. In Maya symbology, the mouth of the frog, jaguar, or snake (or cave, even) symbolizes the door to the underworld. Its forked tongue sticks out and appears to jostle a tiny figure in a canoe. Shamans, traditionally, go on a journey into the underworld, and this carving clearly depicts precisely that. But there’s more going on here. Notice the little dots or holes on the toad’s shoulder. These are what scholars call “vision scrolls.” This toad has been identified as the Bufo marines species, whose parotid glands, located on it back and shoulders, secrete a powerful hallucinogen: 5-Meo-DMT. This compound is a relative of the better known DMT, but modern explorers of consciousness have reported unequivocally powerful experiences with the 5-Meo relative. It’s sometimes described as being abysmal, shredding all identity back to the unconditioned void, leaving the aspirant gazing into the bottomless maw of emptiness. Psychonauts like Terence McKenna who prefer hypnogogic, image rich hallucinations, have confessed to not liking the 5-Meo relative. Still, one can suspect that shamans of a certain gonzo bent would appreciate having access to this yawning abyss.

The shaman and the DMT toad at Izapa Diagram 1. Stela 6, Izapa

We don’t know how the early Maya shaman may have prepared the gland secretions, to enhance or purify the effects. One assumes that the substance was smoked, since ingestion requires an MAO inhibitor to be orally active. (The South American brew, Ayahuasca, is imbibed orally and consists of a DMT-containing plant mixed with an MAO plant.) However, chocolate was, and still is, grown at Izapa. Modern cacao has mild MAO inhibiting properties. Like tobacco, the ancient species of cacao was much more powerful. Perhaps there was at ancient Izapa a visionary shamanism fueled by toad juice potentiated by chocolate, what we may call cacaohuasca.

At the very least, Stela 6 preserves evidence that the Izapan shamans used a powerful hallucinogen. In addition, ritual mushroom stones have been found in this part of southern Mesoamerica, dated to Izapa’s heyday (400 BC – 50 AD). Although psilocybin mushrooms are reportedly no longer found in the region, there is documentation that they were once prevalent. A surviving mushroom cult among the Mixe and Mazatec Indians in the state of Oaxaca (further up the Pacafic coast from Izapa) may provide clues as to what the ancient Izapan mushroom religion was like.

The monuments of Izapa provide clues about how shamanism leads to profound cosmological models. The little shaman sailing into and out of the maw of the underworld on Stela 6 is amplified on

Stela 67: Diagram 2. Stela 67, Izapa The Sun Deity Reborn at the end of the Age

The human figure on this carving is identified as a sun god, probably First Father (One Hunahpu), of Maya Creation mythology. He’s in a canoe which represents the Milky Way. This carving is located in the middle of the north wall of Izapa’s ballcourt. In Maya art, ballcourts represent the Milky Way. The little seating declivity in which First Father sits is a feature that is located along the bright band of the Milky Way in the region of Sagittarius – a dark rift caused by interstellar dust. This feature also figures prominently in Maya mythology, where it is called the Xibalba be – the “road to the underworld.” First Father deity (also known as the first shaman) sits in this portal.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shpongle remix --- Divine Moments of Truth with Joe Rogan

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Entheogen - Awakening The Divine Within

A New Documentary Film by Critical Mass Productions

About The Film:
Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within is a feature length documentary which invites the viewer to rediscover an enchanted cosmos in the modern world by awakening to the divine within.

The film examines the re-emergence of archaic techniques of ecstacy in the modern world by weaving a synthesis of ecological and evolutionary awareness,electronic dance culture, and the current pharmacological re-evaluation of entheogenic compounds. Within a narrative framework that imagines consciousness itself to be evolving, Entheogen documents the emergence of techno-shamanism in the post-modern world that frames the following questions: How can a renewal of ancient initiatory rites of passage alleviate our ecological crisis? What do trance dancing and festivals celebrating unbridled artistic expression speak to in our collective psyche? How do we re-invent ourselves in a disenchanted world from which God has long ago withdrawn? Entheogen invites the viewer to consider that the answers to these questions lie within the consciousness of each and every human being, and are accessible if only we give ourselves permission to awaken to the divine within.

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Just a Wee Bit More About DMT by ∞Ayes

Consciousness is very flexible. Like a gas, it will fill any container in the form of that container. It is as ubiquitous as the universe, subsuming and interweaving with the fabric of nothingness, matter, and energy. This fabric is a naturally evolving pattern out of which we and the cosmos are woven. This for me is the level on which DMT functions. We can focus on any part of this pattern, minuscule or cosmic, depending on our orientation, environment, expectations, fears, and if we are dedicated to having a transcendent vision, our intention.

By and large, it strikes me that intention is the basic formative influence on the type of vision one will experience on DMT. Of all the psychedelics, DMT might be the most visionary one. I have many reasons for this declaration: DMT is produced by the body; it is found in hundreds of different plants and animals all over the planet; its tryptamine structure is woven into numerous important psychedelics (psilocybin/psilocin, LSD, ibogaine, the ß-carbolines, etc.); and it is one of the most purifying and curing of the psychedelics. It is also very close in structure to serotonin, possibly the most important nerve impulse facilitator. This is not to say that mescaline, LSD, psilocybin, et al., are not important; it just strikes me that DMT is the touchstone of the psychedelics. The body and consciousness recognize DMT and work with it almost instantaneously. The visions it produces are here and gone in a matter of minutes by clock time, but by our existential clock, time has been transformed—by the concentrated and incredible fullness of the experience—into eons. All this and only 15 minutes have passed? Wow!

We create our reality. We are all individually responsible to ourselves for the reality we create, whether we are miserable or joyous, this is our choice—our design. We are not alone; we exist as an integral part of all life, breathing, pulsating, vibrating, giving off plant food, absorbing animal food, in a multi-level fabric of incredibly beautiful designs and patterns. This is what DMT shows us—those patterns, as much as we can absorb at one time—to realign us to the sacred design of which we are a part. DMT works with the energy that surrounds and enters you. If you are an artist, you are likely to see an array of color and design that will fascinate and delight you. If you are a psychiatrist, you may interpret what is happening according to the psychological fashions or, perhaps, as a model of psychosis. Demons, doctors, elves, guardians, magicians, guides and Gods are the manner in which we sometimes manifest this paradigm- revealing substance. Is it we who are choosing the manifestation, or the DMT? Where do these creatures come from? Why do we see them? To what good effect can we put these visions? These are a few of the questions that I needed to answer for myself during the 40 years in which I made and used DMT. From the first time I made it and took it, I knew I had discovered something so deep, so magnificent, so profound, that it blew away everything I had ever experienced before. Period.

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jaguar tastes the hallucinogenic effects of yage

Sunday, July 5, 2009

by: Fabián Arturo Jiménez Gally
Visit Farboart @ deviantART

Fabián is a personal favorite artist of mine.
His style unique, chunky, hieroglyphic, fresh
, visionary, quantum and hyper-dimensional
built upon an ancient, traditio
nal, Aztec/Mayan foundation.
"Fabián Arturo Jiménez Gally, also called as Farbo, is a multimedia artist from México City. His artwork is a reflection of the shades and colors that he grasped when finding a prism that could distort the normal wave patterns of perception, developing an intuitive search of the form and sound. Farbo's music and visual artworks are in constant refinement of technique and purpose, using a well rooted pack of symbolism and abstract manifolds of psychedelia, exploring new techniques in order to push the envelope of his creative process. Farbo's visual techniques can range from traditional media like drawing, painting, photography and drypoint etching to digital media."

The Spice Expands Consciousness

By: Queen-of-Fables

S.H.E. Synchronised Hyperspace Event

The pervasive and recurring sense of Placeness that one feels during The Experience has led to the notion of a “Hyperspace”. Hyperspace is much like cyberspace metaphor. The rules and restrictions of 3 dimensions don’t apply anymore and the only limit is often our imagination. Cyberspace has allowed people from all over the world to coordinate with each other for various purposes. This site is dedicated to the coordination of Hyperspace Experiences across the globe in order to explore these new realms as a collective and attempt to reach a consensus on this strange reality.

The question of whether hyperspace is “real” or not, is really a question of whether we can come to a consensus about the phenomena that we experience. To do this many have come up with different experiments to perform which are described below. These experiments are optional for those who wish to participate in the Synchronized Hyperspace Event. Participants are encouraged to write reports of their experiences and even develop their own personal “maps” of hyperspace to share. VISIT ENTHEOGENIC-PORTAL.COM

The next Synchronised Hyperspace Event is scheduled at:

July 11th, 14:00 GMT

Here are some local times for the event:
07:00 LA - USA

10:00 NY - USA
14:00 GMT

15:00 London - UK
16:00 Amsterdam/Berlin - Europe
22:00 Perth - Australia
00:00 Canberra/Melbourne - Australia (effectively July 12th)

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